Hugo Richardson


I am a thinker, spending much of my time researching, pondering and contemplating the world in which we find ourselves. I am also a maker, constantly fiddling, pulling apart and assembling things, with a love and interest in all materials. My roots in engineering and passion for design are constantly colliding, leading me to take an interdisciplinary approach to the complex and nuanced challenges we face.


The Tyre Collective
5 Offcut Toys
6 Social Housing
Periplus Project
A Study of Flight


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_OFFCUT TOYS (202111)

Minimising Waste / Children’s Toys

Fig. 1    My Brancusi Bricks are CNC’d from offcuts of American Cherry

little toy project for Christmas… looking into local manufacture and the longevity of the products we consume. In my part-time job as a CNC consultant at a picture framers I observed a huge amount of waste, oddly shaped offcuts, considered useless and discarded. I took two approaches, one high tech, one low tech to design toys and give these scraps new life. Precisely CNC’d my Brancusi Bricks pay homage to Constantin Brancusi, sculptor and pioneer of Modernism. In comparison, the elephant and kangaroo were entirely informed by the shapes I salvaged, pieced together like a jigsaw. The slow growing nature of American Cherry / Walnut / Pear wood acts as a CO2 sink, trapped over the playtime of the toys.

Fig. 2-3    A little note on the work of Constantin Brancusi and stacking the bricks

Fig. 4    Elephant and kangaroo interpreted from the shapes I salvaged

Fig. 7-8    Detail shots of the toys made from Walnut, Pear, Oak timber